Sunday, April 12, 2009


Over the past 30 years Apple has amplified from computer design to developing consumer electronics. The company was started by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in the 1970’s. Steve Jobs is the current CEO of Apple and is doing a very efficient job in running the company. Apple uses a differentiation business strategy, which means that all employees and departments work together in the creation of their products. Since the employees work together our products tend to be more productive. Apples main business initiative is customer relationship management. When working with or purchasing from Apple you are promised top notch customer service and assistance.

Apple uses many different types of internet business models. Business to Business e-commerce is used in the selling of computers to help operate everyday proficiency in other businesses. Business to Consumer e-commerce is the selling of iPods, computer, and other products to different individuals rather than businesses. Business to Government e-commerce is the process of selling of any Apple products to government operated organizations. As you can tell Apple works with many different groups of customers. When purchasing from Apple you are offered many different payment options. One payment option is electronic bill presentment and payment, this system sends bills over the internet and helps to provide an easy method for you to pay them. This method is most convenient for customers so that they can purchase and pay for their items without ever leaving their home.

In running their business Apple finds it very important to use database warehouses. They feel this way because it is a huge collection of business information that is collected from many different databases. They also utilize data marts, which helps them to focus on certain operations throughout the business rather than the overall summary of the business. In the analytical processing databases and operational databases which Apple uses the most consists of many different files. Some of these files are Costumer files, order files, sales files, and supplier files. In having these files it makes the entire business process for Apple more convenient and more efficient.

Apples product line has grown rapidly in the past few years. We are selling products in the following categories; input devices, output devices, storage devices, computers, and connecting devices. For more detail on our products read the section titles hardware and software, or visit our website at .

Apple is known to use a network called AirPort Extreme card. Airport Extreme card picks up a wiFi signal rather than a broadcast network. Apple is related to Bonjor connection. It is an automatic connection where computers and devices automatically broadcast their own services and listen for services being offered for the use of others. AirPort Utility for Mac and Windows guides you through the process of connecting to the internet, and you’ll have your network up and running in minutes.

Apple applies the four principles of network security by offering a valid source of confidentiality with their terms and agreement statement. Apple has their terms and agreement which explains their integrity and availability. Whether looking up online or calling the store via telephone any answer to any question is answered honestly. Their security and access controls explain Mac OS X Server is built on an advanced architecture to deliver the features you want with the security you need.

What we found to be the most interesting about Apple is how they are very innovative and early adapters. Apple is usually the first company to come out with a new product line before anyone else. This is very risky but it seems to be working to Apples advantage. This shows that taking risks can sometimes make or break you.

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